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Our Story

Hello and welcome to Minikin Studio!


I'm Tanya - a Mother of two boys, living in the cosy seaside village of Rathmullan, Co. Donegal, Ireland. 

Minikin was inspired by a combination of my great loves; kids, family, making a house a home, seeking fulfilment

in the simple things in life, little joys, and my passion for and experience in meaningful design. 


The word 'kin' quite literally means family, friends - a collective of loved ones. Minikin aims to create those little (mini) acts of kindness, that mean a whole lot to those who receive them. The act of a thoughtful gift on a special day - or just because - warms hearts and creates everlasting memories. I originally started creating for my own kin, in those moments I could grasp while raising two young boys and suddenly more and more kindred spirits began to request personalised and meaningful gifts and designs, as well as wedding stationery.

That's when I knew I was making more than just designs, I was becoming part of an even bigger 'kinship'

- creating lifelong gifts for big hearts and happy homes!

I hope you enjoy them!

Tanya xo

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